Laboratory of Cell Engineering

General Information

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Head of the Laboratory Uteulin Kairat Rizabekovich, Doctor of Biological Sciencies.

Laboratory staff consists of  11 qualified employees, including 2 doctors, 3 candidates of sciences. Undergraduate and graduate students of the Kazakh National University named al-Farabi in the laboratory are conducting research in the field of biology, biotechnology.


  • «Development of technology and obtaining of domestic natural rubber producer Taraxacum kok-saghyz» (2012-2014);
  • «Obtaining of the abiotic stresses sustainable raw material of wheat with high grain quality by using interspecific crosses» (2012-2014);
  • «Early diagnosis of drought tolerance in order to increase the efficiency of breeding wheat, corn and soybeans» (2012-2014);
  • «Identification of promising species of the genus Artemisia L. as potential sources of flavonoids» (2012-2014);
  • «Screening of the groats wheat species and their hybrids by morphological and technological parameters and  identification of promising forms as sources for the production of new biologically-grade foods» (2012-2014);
  • «Development of technology for production of biologically active compounds with anticancer effect on the basis of the Ural licorice» (2012-2014);
  • “Soybean improvement of innate resistance to biotic stresses via genetic engineering of the phenylpropanoid pathway» (2013-2015);
  • «Studying the stability ofthe photosynthetic apparatus ofwheat( aestivum L.) and its wild congeners to abiotic stress in vivo and in vitro» (2015-2017);
  • «Developing basics of technology for creation wheat lines based on interbreeding and embryoculture of immature embryos» (2015-2017);


  • «Spring barley varieties «Akjol»». Authors: Sariev B.S., Alimgazinova B.Sh. Nurgaliyev D.K., Iskakov A.R., Terletskaya N.V., Iskakova A.B. certificate of authorship;
  • «The method for producing the cell lines of alfalfa are resistant to copper ions». Authors: Uteulin K.R., Sarsenbayev B.A., Taukeleva Sh.N., Dzhangalina E.D., Asrandina S.SH. Patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • «Way of evaluation the sustainability of crops to stresses». «Authors: Terletskaya N.V., Khailenko N.A., Tyupina L.N., Zhambakin K.Zh. Innovative patent Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • «Method of the pre-treatment of maize seeds». Authors: Uteulin K.R., Dzhusipbekov U.J., Nurgaliyeva G.O. Innovative patent Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • «Way of evaluation the physiological state of plants in relation to the conditions of growth and productivity under the influence of unfavorable factors». Authors: Terletskaya N.V., Khailenko N.A., Mamonov L.K./ Polimbetova F.A.,  Rysbekova A.B. Innovative patent  25998 Republic of Kazakhstan.


The major achievements

— developed the indices of drought resistance of wheat, maize and soybeans;

— revealed the promising species of the genus Artemisia L. as sources of flavonoids;

— developed protocols of obtaining cell cultures of alfalfa, soybeans and sainfoin, capable for long-term subculturing and regeneration;

— developed technology of cell selection of alfalfa for salt tolerance, alfalfa have been transmitted to the Kazakh Research Institute of Agriculture

— developed technology of the clonal propagation of Tamarisk for sand fixation dried bottom of the Aral Sea;

— developed technology for production of alfalfa plants, hyperaccumulators for heavy metals;

— developed technology for production of artificial alfalfa seeds hyperaccumulators for heavy metals;

— developed biotechnology for obtaining a donor of salt tolerance for practical soybean breeding;

— studied the characteristics of morphogenesis and regeneration of somatic tissues in culture soybean accessions Kazakhstan selection;

— studied the characteristics of morphogenetic processes at different levels of cereals under drought and salinity;

— developed technology of biolistic and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of rice;

— developed encapsulation technology of seeds of rice, corn.

— By laboratory employees published 120 articles and abstracts, issued 1monography, 4 methodological guidance, 5 patents Republic of Kazakhstan for the 2010-2014 period.

Индукция морфогенеза в культуре тканей кок-сагыза

Индукция морфогенеза в культуре тканей кок-сагыза

Изучение анатомического строения зерновки пшеницы

Изучение анатомического строения зерновки пшеницы