Laboratory of Germplasm Cryopreservation


Head of Laboratory: Kushnarenko Svetlana Veniaminovna, Candidate of Biological Sciences (PhD), Professor.

Tel.: 394-75-53, 393-55-90. E-mail:

She has been working as head of the laboratory since 2000. Graduated from the Biology Faculty of Moscow State University on a specialty “Biochemistry” (1984). Defended her Candidate’s dissertation on a specialty “Plant Physiology and Biochemistry” in 1990. In 2015 she was awarded an Associate Professor.

She is a specialist in plant biotechnology, physiology and biochemistry. An author of over 150 research papers on plant tissue culture, micropropagation, cryopreservation, also the component composition and biological activity of essential oils extracted from plants of Kazakhstan.

Supervised one candidate of sciences and two PhD.

A winner of the President Grant of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2003). She was awarded with the Honorary Diploma of the MES RK for contribution to development of science in Kazakhstan (2014) and the medal «For merits in the development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan» (2019).

Membership in professional societies:

European Biotechnology Thematic Network Association

Society for In vitro Biology

International Association of Sexual Plant Reproduction Research

Society of Plant Physiologists of Kazakhstan

Society of Plant Physiologists of Russia

Laboratory Staff:

  • Rakhimbayev Izbassar Rakhimbayevich, Chief research scientist, Member of the NAS of the RK, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences
  • Kovalchuk Irina Yurievna, Leading research scientist, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences
  • Romadanova Natalya Vladimirovna, Leading research scientist, Candidate of Biological Sciences
  • Turdiyev Timur Tuygunovich, Leading research scientist, Candidate of Biological Sciences
  • Utegenova Gulzhakhan Abduzhalilovna, Research scientist, PhD
  • Frolov Sergey Nikolayevich, Research scientist
  • Aralbayeva Moldir Malikovna, Junior research scientist, Bachelor of Biology

Main research areas of the laboratory

  • Laboratory activities are aimed at addressing a number of actual tasks of fundamental and applied relevance:
  • Study of physiological and genetic regularities of low-temperature exploration on plant cells: cytomorphology, ultrastructure of cell organelles, cytochemistry, morphogenesis, regeneration.
  • Improvement of cryopreservation methods in compliance with the type of explant and species specificity of plant material.
  • Development of biotechnology regulations of the cryopreservation in compliance with biological peculiarities of cultures.
  • Creation of a bank of in vitro plants at +4°C for medium-term storage of germplasm of economically important, rare and endangered plants.
  • Creation of a cryobank in liquid nitrogen at -196°С for long-term storage of germplasm of economically important, rare and endangered plants.

Main results of activities

  • In vitro plant collection of 178 cultivars, hybrids and wild forms was created, including 36 – apple, 38 – pear, 30 – raspberry, 12 – black currant, 20 – barberry, 10 – honeysuckle, 32 – potato.
  • Seed collections of wild forms of apricot, apple, honeysuckle and barberry, as well as cultivars of rice were formed at +4°C and -20°C.
  • Biotechnological regulations for cryopreservation of apical meristems of apple, currant, raspberry, apricot, grape, potato, honeysuckle, barberry and strawberry in liquid nitrogen were developed on the basis of improved cryopreservation methods.
  • The first national plant cryobank was created where cryogenic collection of 620 cultivars, hybrids and wild forms of apple, currant, raspberry, strawberry, honeysuckle, barberry, potato and rice is contained in liquid nitrogen at ultra-low temperature (-196ºC).
  • An electronic database of genotypes on rice and grape genotypes of domestic and foreign selection was created with connection to international database Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI)

Innovative patents for invention and patents for utility model were obtained:

— Innovation patent for the invention No. 28526 dated 16.05.2014, Republic of Kazakhstan. The method of disinfection of cereals seeds / Turdiyev T.T., Mamonov L.K., Kovalchuk I.Y. et al.

— Innovation patent for the invention No. 29084 dated 20.10.2014, Kazakhstan. A method for viability recovery and germination increase of rice seeds after the long storage / Turdiyev T.T., Mamonov L.K., Kovalchuk I.Y. et al.

— Patent No. 1528 for utility model dated 08.07.2016, Republic of Kazakhstan. The method of healthy apple plant obtaining / Romadanova N.V., Kushnarenko S.V.

— Patent No. 2830 for utility model dated 25.08.2018, Republic of Kazakhstan. “Essential oil from Ferula ovina (Boiss.) Boiss. with antimicrobial activity” / Kushnarenko S.V., Utegenova G.A.

— Patent No. 3104 for utility model dated 08.25.2018, Republic of Kazakhstan. Nutrient medium for micropropagation of poplar, apple, pear / Turdiev T.T., Kovalchuk I.Yu., Kabylbekova B.Zh., Frolov S.N., Mukhitdinova Z.R.

Projects and Programs

  • 2020-2022. Project АР08855758 “Development of efficient micropropagation technology for commercially valuable walnut varieties for production of high-quality planting material for southeast Kazakhstan”. Project Manager – Kushnarenko S.V.
  • 2018-2020. Project AP05131850 “The study and preservation of biodiversity of walnut and hazelnut and the rational use of their genetic resources for the development of nuciculture in Kazakhstan”. Project Manager – Kushnarenko S.V.
  • 2018-2020. Project AP05131764 “Introduction of micropropagation technology into nursery practice and production of elite planting material of commercially valuable cultivars and hybrids of raspberry”
  • 2015-2017. Project 2117/GF4 “Pharmacological effects of essential oils and their components from plants of Kazakhstan”. Project Manager – Kushnarenko S.V.
  • 2015-2017. Project 1783/GF4 “Development of technology for the cryogenic germplasm preservation of valuable barberry species and forms – a source of biologically active substances”. Project Manager – Romadanova N.V.
  • 2015-2017. Project 2174/GF4 “Development of biotechnological regulations for germplasm conservation of varietal and species diversity of pear for use in the breeding process on the creation of new highly productive and resistant cultivars”. Project Manager – Turdiyev T.T.
  • 2013-2015. Project 0504/GF3 “Identification and preservation of new sources of essential oils among the poorly known species of Kazakhstan Altai flora”. Project Manager – Kushnarenko S.V.
  • 2013-2015. Project 0491/GF3 “Creation of a cryogenic bank of promising cultivars and clonal rootstocks of apple on the basis of biotechnology”. Project Manager – Romadanova N.V.

Projects funded by the Foundation of Science for the commercialization of scientific results

  • Project 0116-17-GК: “Production of super-elite nursery plants of fruit and nut crops by biotechnology methods

Grantee: Integration-Turgen LLP

Implementation period: 11.01.2017 – 10.31.2020

Project goal: Organization of production of superelite apple, hazelnut and walnut nursery plants based on our own technology of cryotherapy and micropropagation.

The final product for commercialization: Apple, walnut and hazelnut nursery plants (Fig. 1)

Саженцы, полученные методами биотехнологии, в теплице

Figure 1 – Nursery plants obtained by biotechnology methods

  • Project 0170-17-GK. Organization of production and sale of elite planting material of the Asiatic poplar and poplar hybrids of Kazakhstan breeding based on the use of biotechnological methods of micropropagation and agrotechnical practices of cultivation with an integrated system of protection against pests and diseases.

Grantee: “Kazakh Research Institute of Plant Protection and Quarantine named after Zhazken Zhiembayev” LLP

Implementation period: 11.03.2017 – 10.31.2020

The purpose of the project: Production and sale of elite plant material of the Asiatic poplar and poplar hybrids of the Kazakhstan breeding to gardening organizations, farmers and horticultural farms, tree nurseries and companies laying industrial plantations.


Саженцы туранги в контейнерах

Figure 2 – Plants of Asiatic poplar in containers


Саженцы гибридных тополей в контейнерахFigure 3 – Plants of hybrid poplars in containers

Scientific cooperation with international and domestic organizations

  • United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Services (USDA, ARS), National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Corvallis, Oregon, USA (Dr. B.Reed).
  • Anadolu University, Faculty of pharmacy, Department of pharmacognosy, Eskisehir, Turkey (Prof., Dr. T. Ozek, Assoc. Prof. Dr. G. Ozek).
  • Montana State University, Department of microbiology and immunology, Bozeman, USA (Dr. I. Schepetkin).
  • State Scientific Institution All-Russian Research Institute named after Vavilov N.I. of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Saint Petersburg.
  • Botanical Garden of Peter the Great, The Federal state budgetary scientific institution, Botanical Institute named after Komarova V.L. of Russian Academy of Sciences (BIS RAS), Saint Petersburg.
  • State budgetary Institution of the Republic of Crimea “Order of Red Banner of Labour Nikitsky Botanical Garden – National scientific center”.
  • Federal Agency of scientific organizations of Russia, Federal State budgetary scientific institution “All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Rice», Krasnodar.
  • JSC “Lesnoi pitomnik” of SC MES RK.
  • LLP “Kazakh Research Institute of Horticulture and Viticulture” of Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty.

Scientific-pedagogical activity

Research works were made in the laboratory and bachelor’s, master’s and PhD degrees has been obtained:

  • Bachelor degree course:

Danaeva G.K., Dildabekova A.E., Sagyndykova F.A., Santay B.A.– Al-Farabi KazNU, specialty 5В070100 – «Biotechnology», 2019.

Makhmutova I.A.– Al-Farabi KazNU, specialty 5В070100 – « Biotechnology », 2017.

Zholamanova S.Zh. – Al-Farabi KazNU, specialty 5В070100 – «Biotechnology», 2016.

  • Master degree course:

Rymkhanova N.K.– Al-Farabi KazNU, specialty 6М060700 – «Biology», 2018.

Nurmanov M.M.– Al-Farabi KazNU, specialty 6М070100 – «Biotechnology», 2018.

  • PhD degree course:

Utegenova G.A. – Al-Farabi KazNU, specialty 6D060700 – «Biology», 2014-2017.

Kabylbekova B.Zh., KazNAU, specialty 6D080900 – «Horticulture», 2014-2017.

Karasholakova L.N. – Al-Farabi KazNU, specialty 6D061300 – «Geobotany », 2013-2016.

Foreign trainings, honorary academic degrees, awards, scholarships

  • 2016, 2015. Karasholakova L.N. Training at Anadolu University, Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacognosy, Eskisehir, Turkey.
  • 2015. Turdiyev T.T., Madiyeva G.A. Training in statistical analysis and experimental design, National Clonal Germplasm Repository, Corvallis, USA.
  • Rakhimbayev I.R. – was awarded the medal “Bolshaya Zolotaya Medal” of NAS RK.
  • Rakhimbayev I.R. – was awarded the Order “Kurmet”.
  • Rakhimbayev I.R. – was awarded the medal “For achievements in science”.

Main publications

  • Кушнаренко С.В., Ромаданова Н.В., Огарь Н.П., Аралбаева М.М., Верзилов М.А. Современное состояние популяции лещины обыкновенной (Coryllus avellana L.) в Казахстане // Вестник Карагандинского Университета. Серия «Биология. Медицина География» – 2019. – № 2 (в печати).
  • Утегенова Г.А., Кушнаренко С.В., Қалыбаев Қ.Р., Шораұлы Б., Огарь Н.П. Оценка состояния дикорастущей популяции ореха грецкого (Juglans regia L.) в Казахстане // Ізденістер, нәтижелер. Исследования, результаты. – 2019. (в печати).
  • Utegenova G., Pallister K., Kushnarenko S., Ozek G., Ozek T., Abidkulova K., Kirpotina L., Schepetkin I., Quinn M., Voyich J. Chemical composition and antibacterial activity of essential oils from Ferula L. species against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus // Molecules. – 2018. – 23(7). – Р. 1679-1696.
  • Kovalchuk I.Y., Mukhitdinova Z., Turdiyev T., Madiyeva G., Fkin M., Tyduran E., Reed B.M. Nitrogen ions and nitrogen ion proportions impact the growth of apricot (Prunus armeniaca) shoot cultures // Plant Ceell, Tissue and Organ Culture (PCTOC). Journal of Plant Biotechnology. – 2018. – Vol. 133. – N. 2. – P. 263-273.
  • Kushnarenko S., Romadanova N., Aralbayeva M., Zholamanova S., Alexandrova A., Karpova O. Combined ribavirin treatment and cryotherapy for efficient Potato virus M and Potato virus S eradication in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) in vitro shoots // In vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Plant. – 2017. – V. 53 (4). – P. 425-432.
  • Romadanova N.V., Kushnarenko S.V., Karasholakova L.N. Development of a common PVS2 vitrification method for cryopreservation of several fruit and vegetable crops // In vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Plant. –2017. – V. 53 (4). – P. 382-393.
  • Ромаданова Н.В., Махмутова И.А., Карашолакова Л.Н., Христенко А.А., Кушнаренко С.В. Оптимизация микроклонального размножения барабариса // Eurasian Journal of Applied Biotechnology. – 2017. – No.2. – P. 47-55.
  • Кushnarenko S.V., КаrasholakovаN., Оzек G., Аbidkulova К.Т., Мukhitdinov N.М., Bаsеr К.H.C., Оzек Т. Investigation of essential oils from three natural populations of Lonicera iliensis // Chemistry of Natural Compounds. – 2016. – V. 52 (4). – P. 751-753.
  • Romadanova N.V., Mishustina S.A., Gritsenko D.A., Omasheva M.Y., Galiakparov N.N., Reed B.M., Kushnarenko S.V. Cryotherapy as a method for reducing the virus infection of apples (Malus) // CryoLetters. – 2016. – V. 37, No. 1. – P. 1-9.
  • Romadanova N.V., Mishustina S.A., Matakova G.N., Kuhsnarenko S.V., Rakhimbaev I.R., Reed B.M. In vitro collection of Malus shoot cultures for cryogenic bank development in Kazakhstan // Acta Horticulturae. – 2016. – V. 1113. – Р. 271-277.
  • Schepetkin I.A., Kushnarenko S.V., Özek G., Kirpotina L.N., Utegenova G.A., Kotukhov Y.A., Danilova A.N., Özek T., Başer K.H.C., Quinn M.T. Inhibition of Human Neutrophil Responses by Essential Oil of Artemisia kotuchovii and its Constituents – J. Agric. Food Chem. – 2015. – V. 63. – P. 4999-5007.
  • Турдиев Т.Т., Ковальчук И.Ю., Успанова Г.К., Чуканова Н.И., Фролов С.Н. Оптимизация клонального микроразмножения для сохранения генофонда растений груши // Вестник КазНУ, Серия биологическая. – 2015. – № 3. – С. 356-362.
  • Утегенова Г.А., Кушнаренко С.В. Биологическая активность эфирных масел и их компонентов // Доклады Национальной академии наук Республики Казахстан. – 2015. – № 4. – С. 146-153.
  • Кушнаренко С.В., Утегенова Г.А., Озек Г., Озек Т., Котухов Ю.А., Данилова А.Н., Сатеков Е.Я. Каталог эфирных масел растений Восточного Казахстана. – Алматы. – 2015. – 72 с.
  • Kushnarenko S.V., Romadanova N.V., Bekebaeva M.O., Aleksandrova A.M, Reed B.M., Combined ribavarin treatment and cryotherapy for efficient potato vitus M and potato virus S eradication in potato in vitro plantlets // Cryobiology. – 2015. – V. 71 (3) – P 569-570.
  • Кушнаренко С.В., Ромаданова Н.В., Бекебаева М.О., Матакова Г.Н. Усовершенствование регламента криоконсервации апикальных меристем для создания криобанка сортов и гибридов картофеля // Биотехнология. Теория и практика. – 2015. – №2. – С. 35-41.
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  • Obtaining rehabilitated super-elite plant material of fruit, berry and ornamental plants for nurseries and farms.
  • Quick propagation of hard propagated trees for urban landscaping, backyard farms and setting up of breed shed and plantations using biotechnological methods.
  • Obtaining virus-free potato of domestic and foreign cultivars for seed farms.
  • Organization of specialized biotechnological laboratories for plant micropropagation and cryopreservation.
  • Carrying out of scientific trainings on the topics:

— Plant micropropagation.

— Cryopreservation of plant germplasm.

Brand products

  • Improved super-elite plant material of apple, pear, grape, raspberry, currant, strawberry, honeysuckle and barberry.
  • Virus-free seed potato
Академик Рахимбаев И.Р.

Академик Рахимбаев И.Р.

Закладка образцов растений в криобанк

Закладка образцов растений в криобанк


Гидродистилляция эфирных масел

Гидродистилляция эфирных масел

Работа в ламинар-боксе