Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Гриценко Диляра АлександровнаPh.D. student, MSc, BTech,  Dilyara A. Gritsenko

Head of LABORATORY OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY      Dilyara Gritsenko has been the head of the laboratory since February 2019. She is currently working on a thesis project “Development of viral vector for expression of heterologous proteins in plants and investigation of their expression efficiency».  Dilyara has a master’s degree in biotechnology with honors (Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 2012), and a bachelor’s degree in technology with honors (Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 2010). Dilyara Gritsenko was the winner of the Nazarbayev Scholarship, annually awarded by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the country’s best young scientists for achievements in scientific activities (2011). As a doctoral student, she completed an internship at the Plant Protection Institute, Agricultural Research Organization (ARA), Volkani Center, Israel.

СтипендияLaboratory staff:

Nurbol Galiakparov, Leading Researcher, PhD
Karlygash Aubakirova, Senior Researcher, PhD
Saule Bayzhumanova, Junior Researcher
Nina Deryabina, Senior Laboratory Assistant

Research activities:

• Development of diagnostic systems for viral infections of fruit crops;
• Microclonal breeding of grapes and apple trees in order to obtain planting material free from pathogens;
• Genotyping and passportization of the grape and apple varieties;
• Genotyping wild apple populations;
• Development of viral vectors for the expression of recombinant proteins in plants.

Major achievements:

• System of regeneration of various grape varieties from meristematic and apical tissue;
• System for simultaneous diagnosis of six grape viruses (ArMV, GFkV, GFLV, GVA, GLRV-1, GLRV-3);
• The system of simultaneous diagnosis of five viruses of apple (ASGV, ASPV, ACLSV, ApMV, ToRSV).
• An analysis of the genetic diversity of wild apple populations in Kazakhstan using DNA markers.
• Genotyping of  grapevine varieties  grown in Kazakhstan.
• Viral vectors based on the genome of Grapevine virus A  for the expression of heterologous proteins in plants
• Highly sensitive Erwinia amylovora diagnostic system (fire blight of fruit crops), based on the use of the method of loop isometric amplification of nucleic acids.
• GMO detection system.

Current projects:

  • 0287-18-GK “Services and products for the diagnosis of pathogens of apple and grapes, the identification of genetically modified crops, and the production of planting material free of plant pathogens of fruit and berry crops”
  • АР05132367 “Biotechnology for obtaining vaccines in plants using a viral vector”

Laboratory offers following services:

• Detection of apple and grapevine viruses;
• Identification and passportization of the grape and apple varieties with a help of DNA markers;
• Microclonal propagation of virus free grapevine;
• DNA cloning into plasmid and viral vectors, sequencing, expression of recombinant proteins in bacterial and plant systems;
• Genetic engineering training.


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1. Viral vector for transient expression of heterologous proteins in plants
2. A set of synthetic oligonucleotides for the diagnosis of fire blight (Erwinia amylovora) on fruit crops using the LAMP method
3. A set of synthetic oligonucleotides for the detection of apple viruses by RT-PCR