Laboratory of Molecular Biology

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Gritsenko Dilyara Alexandrovna, PhD

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Head of the laboratory since 2019. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Technology from KazNU named after al-Farabi (2006-2010). Master’s degree in Natural Sciences from KazNU named after al-Farabi (2010-2012). PhD in 2019 with a thesis on «Creation of a viral vector for the production of recombinant proteins in plants and the study of their expression efficiency». Internship at the Tolkovsky Laboratory at the Volcani Center Plant Protection Institute in Israel. Awarded the «Nazarbayev Scholarship» by the President for academic excellence and high achievements in research in 2011. Author of over 50 scientific works, Hirsch index – 5.



Ensuring the country’s food security through fundamental and applied research in plant breeding, rational use of genetic resources, and plant protection.

Developing modern technologies and knowledge for protecting strategically important agricultural crops and applied research in diagnostics systems, detection, and identification of economically important phytopathogens, quarantine pests and pathogens, and genetic passportization of agricultural crops.  3


Dilyara Gritsenko, PhD (Head of the Laboratory)

G.K. Nizamdinova, PhD (Senior Researcher)

M.A. Khusnitdinova, PhD (Senior Researcher)

A.S. Pozharskiy (Researcher)

A.I. Kapytina (Junior Researcher)

N.M. Kerimbek (Junior Researcher)

A.K. Taskuzhina (Junior Researcher)

V.S. Kostyukova (Junior Researcher)

R.T. Kenzhebekova (Junior Researcher)

M.V. Kolchenko (Laboratory Assistant)

K.S. Adilbayeva (Laboratory Assistant)

R.M. Moiseev (Laboratory Assistant)

A.Mendybayeva (Laboratory Assistant)

A.N. Makhambetov (Laboratory Assistant)

Z.K. Dairbekova (Laboratory Assistant)

M.I. Yelchaninov (Laboratory Assistant)



Identification and molecular-genetic research of phytopathogens and pests.

Development of recombinant molecules for biotechnology.

Whole-genome studies of pathogens and pests of plants.

Study of phytopathological and genetic aspects of populations of wild and cultivated apple.

Genetic potential of potato resistance to major diseases and pests.

Study of the genetic diversity of the local breeding collection of tomato varieties.

Study of the genetic potential of sugar beet and its phytopathological status.

Collaboration and services in molecular genetic research.



Established a system for regenerating various grape varieties from meristematic and apical tissue.

Developed a system for simultaneous diagnostics of six grape viruses (ArMV GFkV GFLV GVA GLRV-1 GLRV-3).

Developed a system for simultaneous diagnostics of five apple viruses (ASGV ASPV ACLSV ApMV ToRSV).

Conducted an analysis of the genetic diversity of wild apple populations in Kazakhstan using DNA markers.

Genotyped technical and table grape varieties of domestic and foreign selection cultivated in Kazakhstan.

Developed viral vectors based on the genome of grapevine virus A for the expression of heterologous proteins in plants.

Developed a highly sensitive diagnostics system for Erwinia amylovora (bacterial fire blight of fruit and berry crops) based on the loop-mediated isothermal amplification of nucleic acids method.

Established a GMO detection system.



Detection of viral pathogens:

Grapevine virus A

Grapevine short node virus

Grapevine leafroll-associated virus-1 and 3

Arabis mosaic virus

Grapevine fleck virus

Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus

Apple stem pitting virus

Apple stem grooving virus

Apple mosaic virus

Tomato ringspot virus

Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV)

Barley stripe mosaic virus

Wheat streak mosaic virus

Wheat mosaic emaravirus

Beet necrotic yellow vein virus

Raspberry leaf mottle virus (RLMV)

Raspberry leaf blotch virus (RLBV).


Detection of bacterial pathogens:

Bacterial fire blight of fruit crops, Brown rot of potato.


Detection of fungal pathogens:

Moniliosis of fruit crops.


Identification of insects using PCR:

Lymantria Dispar Dispar





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Contact information:

87273947768, +77073865386 – Gritsenko Dilyara Alexandrovna, Head of the Laboratory

+77477237558 — G. K. Nizamdinova., senior researcher