Main directions of scientific activity

  • Accelerated creation of new highly productive and stress-resistant forms and varieties of food, fodder, officinal, ornamental and technical plants on the basis of a combination of conventional and biotechnological methods;
  • Study on physiological and genetic mechanisms providing high productivity, and plant resistance to stress factors, diseases and pest and subsequent improvement of methods for breeding and approaches for crop cultivation;
  • Development of highly effective biotechnologies for microclonal propagation and production of improved planting material; development methods for long-term germoplasm storage of economically important and unique plants;
  • Development of biotechnologies to produce of biologically active substances, biopesticides, plant growth, development and resistance regulators for needs of agriculture, environmental protection, the food industry;
  • Forming of Data banks in the field of plant biology and biotechnology.

Research work:

In accordance with the purpose and activities of the IPBB for the period 2015-2020, the Institute carried out research within the framework of 4 scientific priorities of science development («Life Sciences», «Intellectual potential of the country», » Rational use of natural resources, processing of raw materials and products», «Sustainable development of agriculture and safety of agricultural products») on 50 projects of grant funding and was the head organization of 3 Republican scientific and technical programs: 1) Elaboration of biotechnological fundamentals for engineering and monitoring of genetically modified plants with improved economic-valuable traits; 2) Genetic diversity and preservation of genetic resources of endemic, rare and industrially important plants in the Republic of Kazakhstan; 3) Cytophysiological regularities of plant cell morphogenesis and differentiation in vitro – the fundamental basis of innovative biotechnologies for the genetic improvement of plants and creation of new generation biopreparations; 4) The development of advanced technologies to produce crops resistant to stress factors in utilizing adaptive mechanisms of plants.

Currently, the Institute is the executor of 1 the scientific and technical program № OR11465424 «Development and implementation of highly effective diagnostic systems for identifying the most dangerous diseases and increasing the genetic potential of crop resistance» and of 11 grant funding projects on three scientific priorities of science development.