Offered Services


  • Training in application of biotechnological methods in selection of agricultural crops (haploid biotechnology, embryo culture, cell selection, genetic engineering, MAS-Marker Assisted Selection);
  • Training in clonal propagation of decorative, medicinal and food plants;
  • Training in organization of cryobank of economically important plant germplasm;
  • Carrying out educational and industrial practice for the students of higher educational institutions on biological and agronomical specialties;
  • Scientific and methodical providing in preparation doctor, master dissertations and implementation of theses of students of Higher Education Institutions.



  • Identification and molecular certification of wheat, barley, grape and apple varieties by using proteins protein and DNA markers;
  • Detection of grape and apple virus diseases;
  • Gene cloning, sequencing, expression in the bacterial systems;
  • Comprehensive assessment of growth-regulatory activity of new drugs / or compounds in various test systems (culture in vitro, bioassays, seeds, mikrocherenki, green cuttings, etc.);
  • Genetic improvement of any commercially important varieties of wheat and barley by order – obtainment of precocious, highly productive and drought-resistant forms, using cellular technology developed in the laboratory.



  • Quick propagation of hard-to-propagate and rare species with medicinal, edible and ornamental values, and also trees for urban landscaping, backyard farms and setting up of breed shed and plantations by using biotechnological methods;
  • Obtaining rehabilitated super-elite seedlings of fruit, berry, ornamental plants and virus-free potato of domestic and foreign cultivars for nurseries and farms;
  • Organization of specialized biotechnological laboratories for plant micropropagation and cryopreservation;
  • For Farmers can be provided services of phytosanitary monitoring of grain crops in order to predict the epidemic situation in relation to rust species and leaf spots diseases;
  • It is proposed the modern technology — the Marker Assisted Selection, i.e. breeding using molecular markers, which allows to evaluate the potential of disease resistance and availability in the genotypes of cultivated varieties of disease resistance genes. Individual genetic technology and agrochemical plant protection from disease can be developed;
  • Seed treatment of agricultural plants with environmentally friendly plant physiologically active substances to increase germination, yield and resistance to stress factors — selection of optimal doses and treatment methods for the specific type of a crop.

Commercialization of RSTA of the Institute

Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology is the winner of Competitions for grant financing of projects for the commercialization of the results of scientific and scientific-technical activities  (2017, 2018) and is the main executor and collaborator of 3 projects: