Scientific council

The Academic Council members

approved by Director General (the Order N. 17-p, 07.04.2015

with changes of September 15, 2016, the Order N. 25-p)



1 Zhambakin K. Zh. Director General, The Chairman
2 Baishekeyev А. D. Deputy Director General, The Vice-Chairman
3 Akhmetova D. Sh. Principal scientific secretary, The Secretary
4 Turuspekov Y. K. Head of Laboratory of Molecular Genetics
5 Rakhimbayev I. R. Chief  research  scientist
6 Sarsebayev B.A. Chief  research  scientist
7 Sedlovsky A.I. Chief  research  scientist
8 Abugalieva S.I. Chief  research  scientist
9 Bishimbayeva N. K. Head of Laboratory of Cell Biology
10 Galiakparov N. N. Head of Laboratory of Molecular  Biology
11 Kershanskaya O. I. Chief  research  scientist
12 Kokhmetova A.M. Head of Laboratory of Genetics and Breeding
13 Kushnarenko S.V. Head of Laboratory of Germplasm Cryopreservation
14 Mursaliyeva V. K. Head of Laboratory of Clonal Propagation
15 Usenbekov  B. N. Head of Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry
16 Uteulin K. R. Head of Laboratory of Cell Engineering
17 Shamekova M. Kh. Head of Laboratory of  Breeding and Biotechnology
18 Nurzhanova A. A. Chief  research  scientist
19  Ryabushkina N. A. Leading  research  scientist
20 Turdiev T.T. Leading  research  scientist,

Chairman of trade-union committee

21 Zhanbyrbayev E. A. Research  scientist,

The Chairman  of  Council of Young Scientists